SmartTouch HR

Now HR can Focus on the Human Aspect

A workflow solution blends the efficiency and speed of automation with corporate policies and procedures to yield a more productive environment, and enables employees to focus on higher-level operational responsibilities and
activities that are best suited for the personal touch.
Human Resources is a department with diverse responsibilities and control over sensitive information, while creating and maintaining volumes of information to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations; it demands a zero tolerance for error. Workflow is a strategic goal, and a way of the future for many progressive organizations.
It allows an organization to adopt an automated, streamlined approach to operations, and to establish accurate and rapid communications among its personnel. This strategic vision goes beyond a paperless environment by automating business policies and procedures. Workflow ensures the time-intensive effort that went intoestablishing policies and procedures achieves an effective operational outcome. Incorporating this intelligence into the staff’s daily activities automates both routine and infrequent tasks, labor intensive research, tedious document collation, benefits calculations, and approval routings and escalations.

Human Resources Automation will:

  • Improve security and controls
  • Maintain an audit log of activities
  • Store documents electronically with the added benefits of password security
  • Create an employee on-line self-service environment to access individual information
  • Increase productivity while reducing errors
  • Maintain one point of update to implement policy and procedural changes

SmartTouch HR extensive capabilities address unlimited automation needs, such as to:

  • Maintain electronic forms, route, acquire, track, and escalate approvals
  • Secure or selectively secure E-Mail activity
  • Provide an on-line form for employees to request benefits changes or inquire on the related costs
  • Automate I-9 reminders
  • Distribute a company-wide training video via the Web browser, with a follow-up questionnaire
  • Store résumés for the required retention period with unlimited index and search capabilities
  • Generate an entire new hire packet from an on-line form (e.g., confidentiality agreement, benefits, etc.)
  • Manage required SOP departmental training
  • Automate notifications of employee reviews and manage the process on-line

Critical Post-Implementation Considerations

Typically, requirements are the main focus during a new system evaluation, when in reality, the majority of time is spent interacting with a system during the years of ownership. After a system is implemented, ease-of-use and
administration is critical, otherwise, many of the time-savings benefits are lost by shifting the burden to the system support personnel. Equally important is adaptability to the company’s growth, changes, and unforeseen events.
The extensive and comprehensive functionality of Ascend’s SmartTouch HR solution automates enterprise-wide
policies and procedures through a user-friendly graphical interface, easily facilitating changes and growth
with less effort.

Automated Processes

Below is an example of an automated employee New Hire process. The employee information is entered into a consolidated screen. The information is routed for additional input from departments such as Payroll and Accounting. The new employee can review and correct information on-line (e.g., address, Social Security Number, etc.). If corrections are made, the appropriate departments are notified. The time-consuming task of assembling a New Hire packet is reduced to a few keystrokes. Documents are populated and bar-coded with employee information. Documents requiring a signature can be automatically imaged and indexed, plus the employee can complete benefits information on-line. The new employee record is loaded into the HR system and all documents are electronically stored in the Document Management System. The WorkFlow’s embedded rules ensure company policies compliance.

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