Indexing of scanned documents

A complete imaging solution that is cost effective, feature rich and will grow with all
your needs.

RS ImageManager handles scanned documents and performs data recognition, validation, advanced image processing, and indexing functions. The indexing includes full support for OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition – hand printing), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and both two and three-dimensional bar code recognition. Optional conversion to PDF provides full text search capabilities on indexed documents.
RS ImageManager provides unlimited indexing, associates the index value with the documents and organizes them. Using data recognition, documents are easily indexed to meet your needs for future retrieval, allowing you to conveniently access the documents based on your desired search criteria.

RS ImageManager integrates with the ReportSafe framework, which provides the back-end document management solution. ReportSafe processes the image files sent from RS ImageManager and lets you determine how each document should be properly stored, burst, distributed, and viewed, at processing speeds up to 700% faster than competitors.
ReportSafe provides the user with the ability to view the documents and organize them in public or private folders. ReportSafe´s unique ability to store unlimited document types provides a flexible solution that grows with your needs. Store electronic documents, reports, scanned images, and miscellaneous files and securely maintain them in their native forms.
These documents are presented (entirely or segmented) to authenticated Web Browser users or to recipients through E-Mail, FAX, and remote printers. Built for data volume and user scalability, ReportSafe cost-effectively serves companies of all sizes and supports industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, public service, and entertainment.

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