SmartTouch ECM – with ReportSafe

Fast and secure report delivery at a mouse click

Managing the output from the myriad of today’s processing platforms across distributed environments is becoming an increasingly challenging task to most, if not all, medium to large-sized business organizations. In fact, with the advent of e-business and online applications and the associated requirement to deliver results instantly around-the-clock, there is no doubt that finding a failsafe means to control organization-wide output centrally has become as essential to the bottom line as system availability and performance.
The challenge however is huge. In the typical multi-system, multi-application distributed environment, output is produced in a vast array of formats for a great diversity of users and is archived and printed in many locations throughout the organization. Although access and delivery routes can be set up between one location and another, the amount of time it takes to locate the output needed and the risk of loss before it reaches ist destination is so great that basic service level guarantees cannot be delivered. Therefore, with today’s large-scale applications spanning a variety of different platforms and producing business-critical information that needs to be delivered instantaneously and securely across the organization and beyond, to suppliers, partners and customers, the implementation of a centralized, web-based and highly reliable output management solution is key to e-business success.

ReportSafe offers you a comprehensive and robust web-based output management solution that provides all the benefits of centralized output archival and distribution. Furthermore, ReportSafe meets all the requirements of online business environments: performance, flexibility, scalability, security, speed of implementation and integration.

Able to centralize and store output from any source, including UNIX, NT, AS/400 and OS/390 (zSeries) systems, ReportSafe allows reports to be distributed via email and fax, printed or viewed globally via the Internet in an unlimited number of document types (PCL, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, PostScript, …).

ReportSafe also enables ASCII reports to be easily downloaded into Excel documents and PostScript files to be converted to PDF format. Its uniquely flexible and secure two-step archiving system allows online viewing of reports by authorized users for a pre-determined length of time before automatically moving the reports to the appropriate devices for long-term archival. All reports are automatically indexed to ensure easy and fast access to the right reports, or any specific section of a report, to significantly reduce retrieval and research time and eliminate the risk of report loss or unauthorized access.

In addition, with its WebNotes and approval routing capability, ReportSafe enables you to make your own notations on reports for private or public viewing, and track and speed the approval process.

ReportSafe seamlessly integrates with an extensive range of systems and networks and can be installed within minutes. As no host programming or scripts are required, ReportSafe can be fully effective in less than one day.

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