SmartTouch AIR

Analytical Information Recognition for Intelligent Document Data Extraction

The Analytical Information Recognition (AIR), is a single solution that automatically and analytically extracts, recognizes and processes information from documents.  It recognizes relevant information from structured and unstructured documents just like a person, but with faster through-put and consistent reliability.  The advantage lies in an architecture that intelligently recognizes and isolates data through sophisticated algorithms and analytical processing.  SmartTouch AIR frees-up more time and money so organizations can utilize resources elsewhere.
Advanced capture solutions typically take weeks of training time or require product certification in order to speak with the vendor.  SmartTouch AIR requires minimal training, is operational in less than a day and is fully optimized in less than a week. It’s fast implementation and exceptional out-of-the-box data recognition rates deliver an excellent ROI.  Customers benefit from greater time-saving efficiencies that are realized after a simple installation and user-friendly setup.  The ease of implementation and product administration is a result of its’ advanced architecture, which is rare in recognition solutions. 
SmartTouch AIR’s self-learning feature contributes to its’ consistently high recognition rates and is another reason it requires fewer resources. Although many advanced capture solutions claim “learning”, they require significant manual intervention to retrain the software for each problem document.  Its superior out-of-the-box document data recognition rates deliver immediate savings. Ascend’s intuitive end-user and product administration design solution delivers a consistent look and feel from image capture, recognition, validation, extraction, through to data release and even workflow.  SmartTouch AIR is designed from the ground up to be one complete solution. This unified design eliminates the multiple product, multiple installation approach that other vendors require. One product, one installation.

Document Processing

  • Excellent out-of-the-box data recognition rates
  • Drag and drop functionality to combine documents or split documents
  • Extracted fields are highlighted on image
  • Set recognition thresholds to expedite documents and reduce the number of steps, “touches”
  • Automatic image cleanup
  • Automated learning that never stops and is capable of recognizing data on documents without manual intervention, even when the document changes. Vendors can change their invoice format and SmartTouch AIR intelligently identifies the data on the document.
  • Scan and capture single or multipage document processing
  • Automatic ERP validation, such as purchase order data or GL account codes
  • Automatic matching of purchase order line with invoice line data
  • Batch feature; set batch values once and propagate across documents
  • Invoice separator sheets can be used and do not degrade scan count
  • Easily process documents of all size and shapes, both simplex and duplex
  • Unlimited number of values may be passed to workflow for processing
  • Numerous options to expedite document data validation
  • Intuitive end-user and product administration design

SmartTouch AIR: captures document, creates Image, OCRs data, extracts information, Automated Review
and Validation.
Optionally integrates with Business Automation Solution from SmartTouch for approvals and workflow, and with SmartTouch Enterprise Content Management Systems.

  • Process twice the documents with the same resources
  • Reduce manual effort and headcount required for document identification, separation and data entry
  • Instantly process unstructured documents with high out-of-the-box recognition rates
  • Process Accounts Payable invoices without the need to setup templates or train the software
  • Extract line level details to be used in document processing. Extract invoice line data and automatically match data to purchase order line data to facilitate accurate payment
  • Drastically reduce data entry, errors and process invoices for payment with pristine accuracy
  • Eliminate the need for error reports with real-time integration with ERP
  • Accelerate the speed that information is captured, processed and utilized

Improve Quality Instantly

  • Automatic image cleanup produces cleaner images
  • Batching options will further eliminate data entry, ensure consistent values across multiple invoices,
    such as a vendor
  • Reduce time-intensive exceptions handling
  • SmartTouch AIR delivers superior out-of-the-box recognition rates and never stops learning

Delivers a Rapid ROI

  • Process twice the number of documents with the same resources
  • Drastically reduce the manual effort and errors
  • Leverage the technology across your organization

ROI Expands Across the Organization

Ascend solutions are designed for adaptability across the organization. The majority of our automation customers expand their usage of Ascend’s solutions to automate more business processes and realize their goals of a more competitive, profitable and efficient organization.

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