About us

NuPSoft is a sales, marketing, development and support organization that provides robust and proven “State-of-the-Art” IT solutions on a worldwide base.
Founded in 2002 by a group of experienced multinational software distribution and IT- professionals, backed by a highly skilled team of developers and engineers, NuPSoft has the expertise and market knowledge required to identify, develop, distribute and support high quality and effective IT solutions that meet the fast evolving needs of today’s major business organizations.
We consider our customers to be our partners, which we provide with consultation, products and support continuously.
NuPSoft has the objective to be an important supplier of software solutions, services and technology integrations in all fields. To reach this goal we co-operate closely with our world-wide reputable partners of the IT industry.
Apart from security, stability, user comfort and performance of our solutions we put our special attention on short development cycles with customer oriented adaptations and/ or developments.
Up to now the company has sales and support offices in Austria, Germany, Switzerland. The headquarters of the company is located in Vienna, Austria.

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