Application Performance Management

JENNIFER is a application performance management solution for monitoring and analyzing performance at each stage of the lifecycle: development, testing, launch, operations, and stabilization of applications. It has powerful features such as real-time monitoring of services and resources, performance and fault analysis, reporting, etc. Real-time monitoring and X-View help clients to handle application management tasks more quickly and efficiently.

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Enterprise Content Management

SmartTouch offers you a comprehensive and robust web-based output management solution that provides all the benefits of centralized output archival and distribution. Furthermore, SmartTouch meets all the requirements of online business environments: performance, flexibility, scalability, security, speed of implementation and

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IT Resource and Financial Management

KOMAND is a family of software products providing accounting for IT resources, user chargeback, financial analysis and reporting. It provides the means to identify resource use, determine the cost of utilization, and charge the appropriate system users and/or business activities.
KOMAND supports informational “memo” billing, break-even/full-recovery, full/selective profit, or a combination of these objectives. It may also be used as the backbone of product line costing, business unit accounting, forecasting, or activity based costing environments.
Each of the KOMAND Charging Systems may use standard system records (SMF or log records) or records produced from most monitor systems.

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JES Spool and Host Output Management

OMC-FLASH is the premier high performance solution for viewing and controlling job output (SYSOUT) directly from the JES2 or JES3 spool, without copying or re-spooling and without additional DASD overhead. OMC-FLASH users get control of their Jobs and SYSOUTs before, during and after job execution. OMC-FLASH is working with very little resource consumption (CPU and I/O) while providing the user with the needed information.

OMC-PRINT is the central component of a suite of enterprise-wide output and print management tools that enables high performance host output routing from the JES spool directly to local and remote VTAM print devices across the VTAM print network. OMC-PRINT provides maximum flexibility in the selection, processing and routing of output, with support for most VTAM, PC, LAN/WAN, or TCP/IP addressable destinations and print devices.

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