Online Print Preview Facility

Many expanding IS departments are working to “right-size” hard copy print processing, seeking an on-line method to determine the output which should proceed to print, be further processed, or perhaps discarded. OMC-VIEW provides an on-line, interactive, interface to preview and control the output of OMC managed jobs awaiting print, enabling users to immediately determine if the output awaiting print is satisfactory or desired.
OMC-VIEW provides full interactive control of print disposition directly from the on-line viewing interface and includes forward and backward spacing, find commands, copy capabilities, and fully customizable viewing security for all output processed.


Virtual Network Interface

OMC-VNI serves as a virtual network interface which integrates legacy application and TP monitor output into an overall enterprise-wide output management strategy. Routing and printing output from many legacy applications and TP monitors such as CICS and IMS is limited to a single hard- coded print device, restricting this critical output from efficiently print management or cross-platform output routing.
OMC-VNI acts as a virtual printer, emulating hard-coded print destinations found in transactions and applications and efficiency sending this output to the JES spool for management via OMC. No reprogramming or application changes are necessary, allowing all TP monitors and application output to be transparently printed at any VTAM, PC, LAN/WAN or TCP/IP addressable destination and print device defined to OMC.
The powerful OMC components provide unparalleled performance and flexibility, extensive output and device control, and the most efficient, cost-effective enterprise output management solution available anywhere.

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