Host VTAM Output and Print Management

OMC-PRINT is the nucleus of OMC enterprise-wide output management, providing high performance host output routing from the JES spool directly to local and remote VTAM print devices throughout the VTAM print network. The powerful OMC-PRINT engine also delivers output to distributed destinations and print devices throughout the enterprise when combined with additional OMC components.
OMC-PRINT utilizes a unique routing design which routes output directly from the JES spool to target devices without staging and respooling, eliminating the performance degradation and resource consumption typically encountered when staging or respooling output prior to printing.

Consolidated Print Management Interface

As the core of OMC enterprise-wide output management, OMC-PRINT provides the on-line, interactive Command Display Facility to define and control all OMC managed print devices and output processing across all platforms. Through easy to use panels and pop-up menus, the Command Display Facility continuously provides complete status of all print jobs and devices, serving as a consolidated cross-platform print management interface to both IS personnel and authorized end users.

Dynamic Network Configuration and -Management

The Command Display Facility enables IS departments to quickly and easily implement and customize output and print routing criteria for both the Host and distributed environment without affecting Host job processing or JCL parameters. Once defined, IS personnel and authorized users can dynamically change out routing criteria or print destinations at any time, permanently or temporarily, to effectively manage an evolving cross-platform print network.

Extensive Output Routing and Print Flexibility

OMC-PRINT provides maximum flexibility in selecting, processing, and routing output with support for most VTAM, PC, LAN/WAN, or TCP/IP addressable destinations and print devices. With full support for third party graphic print packages, portrait/landscape laser printing, and IPDS data printing, OMC-PRINT delivers the most powerful, flexible Host output management solution available.

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