Spool Control and Resource Management

OMC-FLASH provides powerful facilities to manage both the JES2 and JES3 environment, and the overall host operating system through the convenient OMC-FLASH ISPF interface. OMC-FLASH JES2 and JES3 Management facilities include:

  • JES Initiator Display to view and change Initiator status
  • Printer Status Display to control print devices and jobs, including stop, start, restart, forward / backward space, vary on / off, or cancel
  • Display Console Facility to securely view and utilize the system operator’s console from authorized users’ workstations
  • Dynamic CPU Utilization Display provides a graphical, dynamically updated view of current CPU resource utilization, jobs and processes
  • Expanded OPERLOG Viewing Facility to view operator commands, responses, and console information across multiple SYSPLEX systems. Select by Jobname, JobID, and MessageID parameters with support for multiple values to refine criteria and present specific information
  • JES3 WLM Scheduling Environment & Resource Display to view and control each scheduling environment defined in the SYSPLEX, along with each job executing or scheduled for execution
  • JES3 Control Block Viewing Facility to view both job-related and dataset-related JES3 Control Blocks for in-depth jobs and processes
  • JES3 DJC NET Display to modify DJC NETs and display NET-ID, jobs completed or resubmitted, and any missing successors. Users can cancel, flush, and hold the NET and associated output as desired
  • USS Status Display to view USS processes through a dynamic table display that supports left / right scrolling, customization capabilities, and USS related line command processing and results
  • Auto Restart Manager Support to utilize Auto Restart Manager (ARM) services to control restarting the OMC-FLASH server
  • MVS and JES Command Support to issue any MVS or JES system operator commands directly from the OMC-FLASH Command Line. Customizable MVS command delimiters enable users to easily enter multiple MVS commands within the same string
  • IBM Health Checker for z/OS Support to view Health Checker output and information, and make dynamic, temporary changes to check states and other values. Changes made remain until the check is refreshed

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