Comprehensive, Powerful and Secure

Comprehensive SYSLOG Display

The Active and Historical SYSLOG Display provides both Global and Local display options delivering full flexibility to specify the preferred SYSLOG options directly on the Selection Criteria Panel (SCP).
Users simply enter the correct parameter to display the desired SYSLOG job as follows:

  • Display only the Global SYSLOG
  • Display only the SYSLOG of the Local(s)
  • Display only the SYSLOG of the system you’re currently on
  • Display both the Global and Local SYSLOG. A flexible cut and paste facility enables users to further customize SYSLOG views and save the preferred SYSLOG viewing format

Powerful Batch Processing Utility

The OMC-FLASH BATCH Utility efficiently executes OMC-FLASH functions in BATCH mode. Batch COPY capabilities enable users to copy data from large jobs to their specified output file (//OUTPUT DD) without the TSO session delays often experienced when performing large copy operations.
An OPRLOG and SYSLOG function are also included to copy records from the Operator Log and System Log to the specified output file in batch.
The BATCH FIND and RFIND facilities enable users to perform batch FIND operations, with RFIND options to process multiple jobs with the same name or characteristics, and SORT and TOP functions to control the order of jobs to be searched.
An EXITIF parameter is also provided to terminate processing based on the value returned by any previous function.

OMC-FLASH – Secure and Easy to Maintain

OMC-FLASH provides complete security at both the system and user level to ensure that only authorized users can access and manage the JES spool and spooled output. A standard SAF interface externalizes security administration, allowing security to be fully defined within popular SAF-compatible security packages. In addition, all OMC-FLASH panels and commands can be secured at the user level to ensure full compliance to installation security policies.
Multiple password specification options enable OMC-FLASH passwords to be changed dynamically. Administrators can optionally place a new password in a dataset, and load it through an OMC-FLASH command. Additionally, the OMC-FLASH started task accepts the password as a parameter to aid in Disaster Recovery testing.
OMC-FLASH is easily installed and maintained through standard SMP/E installation and maintenance procedures. Full support for generally available z/OS operating system releases is standard.
OMC-FLASH is completely JES independent and requires no modifications to either the host operating system or to ISPF.
OMC-FLASH for JES2 and JES3 delivers the most reliable, high performance JES management solution available today.

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