Powerful Control

Comprehensive Job and Output Control Capabilities

  • Control JES2 and JES3 Jobs Across All Queues: input, execution, and output queues
  • Choose JES and Job Related Fields to Display, including Service Class, SRB usage, TCB Usage, total STEP count, and many, many more
  • Customize Job Selection from JES by destination, owner, system, writer and/or job class, and more
  • Utilize Column Sorting on the Job Selection, Dataset Index, and JES3 Initiator Displays to swap column order between ascending and descending
  • View and Process Jobs, Tasks, Spooled Output, including batch jobs, started tasks, TSO users, APPC jobs, active tasks, held and non-held output
  • Use Overtypable Fields to easily modify CLASS, Status, Form, DEST, WTR name, FCB, UCS, copy count, and many others.
  • Sort Jobs by Any Criteria, including CLASS, PRIORITY, WRITER NAME, and column headings, for complete flexibility in viewing spooled output
  • Define and Save Copy Profiles, and recall profiles on demand to expedite copy processing. Include output statement names to be used with COPY, and save output statement variables with COPY profiles
  • Manipulate Job and Dataset Output, including browse, cut & paste, sort, find, print, copy to dataset, hold, requeue, delete
  • Use CONFIG to Personalize Display fields, titles, column sizes, positions. Freeze columns and set highlight colors/modes for fields or lines that match user criteria for rapid identification
  • Control Print and Print Devices, including requeue, forward and backward space of print jobs
  • Display 132 Character Columns, and scroll Left/Right to easily see specific information
  • Define and Utilize Print Profiles to automatically customize PRINT (P) and Requeue (R) command processing. Users can save, store, modify, recall and execute multiple print scenarios when desired

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